Making a List, Checking It Twice

09 December 2014 | Blog

SantaSanta delivers presents to individual households around the world. For years, advertisers have wished they could have that level of precision for delivering their TV ads. Could 2015 be the year this particular item gets scratched off the wish list?

Household addressability has been a hot topic this year. As more advertisers like Madison Square Garden have come out declaring their success or announcing their intentions to begin addressable TV campaigns, household addressability is finally approaching a tipping point.

The benefits are obvious—advertisers are able to directly reach current and potential customers with the most relevant ads possible. It’s something that advertisers have been asking about for a long time. In the last few years, a number of advances have made the technology increasingly attractive and easy to deploy. Big Data techniques have made it easier to identify audiences without compromising privacy. Automation has reduced the amount of work necessary to deliver ads appropriately. Programmatic TV sales have made it easier for inventory holders to sell impression-based advertising. Thin clients make it dramatically faster and less disruptive to add addressability to current systems. And as the industry shifts from QAM to IP-based systems, these new clients can gracefully transition along with them.

This year, more advertisers than ever are making and checking their own delivery lists. Santa, you’ve got some competition.