Let’s Not Overstate the NewFronts

08 May 2013 | Blog

With all the chatter over the NewFronts, digital proponents have been gleefully trumpeting an Interactive Advertising Bureau study that showed that “consumer ad receptivity when watching original professional online video (OPOV) is now indistinguishable from receptivity rates during prime time TV” (“Online Video Rivals TV for Viewers”). They reached these numbers by surveying 2,400 people, and proudly declare that this kind of content is attracting 45 million U.S. viewers per month.

But that scarcely constitutes a rivalry. Receptivity is great, but receptivity is hardly the same thing as reach. Case in point, Nielsen reported that NCIS had a weekly viewership of over 17 million during the week of April 22—that’s nearly half of the OPOV monthly viewership, in one week with just one show! Digital video is a great tool for marketers to add to their toolbox. But it has a long way to go before it can approach the juggernaut that is TV advertising.