Join the Crowd

01 December 2011 | Blog

Television remains the most powerful, far reaching medium for engaging and connecting with an audience. Why then am I blogging, a decidedly online, un-TV activity?

One thing we’re going to get across in this new forum is that the Visible World team has steadily been a part of changing the TV advertising ecosystem. One of the things we’ve learned, and that we’ll explore here, is that no medium stands alone, whether it’s online, mobile or TV.

What we’re doing with Visible World is the same as what we’re doing with this blog: making content that is more engaging, more accessible and more relevant. We’ll be sharing some of our ideas, successes and forecasts as the TV industry ushers through a fascinating evolution from a one-size-fits-all tool to a way to engage users on a relevant, personalized basis.

And one thing we’ve learned is that we don’t do it alone – the advertising and technology worlds are an ecosystem, so we invite you to connect with us here. Let us know your thoughts on our posts, and of course if you’d like to write a guest article to share a point (or even a counter-point) we’re open to that.

This blog is about growth. Elias Canetti, in his book “Crowds and Power,” describes growth as one of the four fundamental aspects of a crowd: “As soon as it exists at all, it wants to consist of more people: the urge to grow is the first and supreme attribute of the crowd. It wants to seize everyone within reach…”

We’re growing here, pushing the boundaries of what only five years ago seemed an impossible dream. Ten years ago, science fiction. Whether we use this forum to share, compare, boast, or join and spark conversations, or whether the ideas are obscure, or widely popular, we hope to hear from you. The audience is often as important as the content.

This blog is going to be a forum where the Visible World team explore the ideas of expanding what is possible from TV advertising.

We look forward to hearing from you,