It’s The DMP, Stupid

13 September 2013 | Industry Buzz, News Links

From RTBlog:

by Joe Mandese

If you want to understand how programmatic audience-buying is transforming the way television advertising is bought and sold, do not look to the litany of acronyms cluttering the advertising technology landscape — focus on just one — the DMP, because, you know, it’s the data, stupid. It always was. But increasingly, it will be the platform people use to manage audience data that will determine who has the leverage in the TV advertising marketplace. Based on some recent trends, I’d say it’s beginning to shift to the buy-side. And rightfully so, because for the last 75 years or so, TV audience data has essentially been controlled by the sell-side. That’s finally beginning to change, thanks to new forms of data for targeting and buying television audiences, and new platforms for managing them.

…And let’s not forget some other savvy TV native DMPs that are beginning to emerge, especially Dave Morgan’s Simulmedia, Visible World’s AudienceXpress and, of course, Jon Mandel’s PrecisionDemand. They all have slightly different approaches in terms of how they’re cracking and harnessing so-called “big data,” but they’re all about the same thing: correlating the data that sends a valuable, meaningful signal to a brand about a consumer, and then tying it to ways they can actually buy television inventory…