It’s a Digital Eat Digital World but There’s Always Been Television

14 July 2016 | Blog, Industry Buzz

While the digital landscape is busy trying to figure itself out so it can vie for a bigger piece of the pie, television is quietly increasing its foothold within the advertising industry, bringing data and automation along with it.

Digital video continues to have a certain confidence that it can bat alongside television, despite lacking the ability to increase sales for big brands.  In fact, it has recently been proven that if brands spend more on television, they’ll increase sales.

Television advertising now has solutions such as programmatic and addressability to allow for more streamlined capabilities for TV buys.  Programmatic TV ad spending is expected to more than double this year, which means that with more dollars in play, workflows, platforms, and inventory allocations will be improving at a much more rapid pace. This will only continue to fuel televisions foothold within the industry.

Photo via eMarketer

What digital doesn’t seem to understand is that it should be focusing more on how to improve its own workflow and automation issues to create greater quality and efficiency for its advertisers, rather than trying to appeal to the masses as television has already been able to establish.

Bigger brands recognize that in order to truly engage and evoke stronger emotions among consumers, traditional media is still the more reliable route.

So, while YouTube boasts about getting the most eye balls in the 18-49 demographics, just remember: television is standing in the corner quietly smiling about its “average audience per minute”: the video metric that matters to big brand advertisers.

Photo via eMarketer

Author: Brittany Coriaty, Marketing Associate