iMedia Breakthrough Summit’s Programmatic Parts Unknown

03 November 2015 | Blog, Industry Buzz

iMedia journeyed into hot waters during this year’s Breakthrough Summit by focusing on Programmatic.  Needless to say, we were excited about the subject and the opportunity to lead the Programmatic Bootcamp!

Our very own Founder & CEO, Seth Haberman, hosted the Bootcamp which brought brand marketers and agency executives together to discuss content and creativity challenges and opportunities in the programmatic space.

It started off a bit risqué when Seth used sex on campus as the metaphor for programmatic advertising.  The increased use of technology, data and transparency on Tinder and other “hook-up” apps have made it easier than ever to make the desired “transaction.”  These drivers can also be seen in Programmatic advertising.

The Audience Buying Game was introduced to attendees during the boot camp.  It was a role playing game that proved the necessity of automation within the TV buying community.   This also showed attendees, who are predominantly digitally focused, the undeniable reach and scale of television.

The Audience Buying Game

The boot camp ended on a high note with an in-depth fireside chat with Seth and Modi/GroupM President, Mike Bologna, which highlighted the growing blue-chip brand involvement with programmatic and addressable TV advertising.

Fireside Chat

The emphasis on Programmatic continued throughout the conference and (according to our EVP of Marketing, Research & New Initiatives, Claudio Marcus) included these important key takeaways:

  • Accountability – The message is clear. Digital ad viewability and fraud remain huge concerns for marketers, but the need for greater clarity also applies to programmatic inventory and data, optimization algorithms, and compensation throughout the stack. Marketers understand and are willing to pay for added value, but are fed up with the lack of transparency.  In a Q&A addressing programmatic challenges with iMedia to ramp up the event, Seth was addressed with the issue of how marketers can combat fraud in the industry.  Seth’s response? “The best way for marketers to combat these issues is to demand audience exposure verification and/or guarantees.”
  • Creative – As digital display media optimization begins to face diminishing returns, the action is moving to the creative front. Dynamic creative optimization and automated test-through-execution are getting traction among innovators.
  • Video & TV – Unlike the seemingly infinite pool of display inventory, premium digital video audiences are far more scarce and command premium CPMs. Emerging digital video formats (such as are creating new premium opportunities, and most notable, according to Advertising Age, spending on Programmatic TV is expected to reach $10 Billion by 2019.

All in all, it was a wonderfully executed and thoughtful event that brought new light to the challenges faced by brand marketers and agency executives on the progress of programmatic.  We’re glad iMedia found the topic of programmatic as relevant as we do!

Author: Brittany Coriaty, Marketing Associate