“I don’t have your problem in the first place”

18 November 2014 | Blog

handcuffsAt the Advanced Advertising event at NYC Television Week this year, Chris Pizzuro from Canoe went on a bit of a rant. He was tired, he said, of being asked to conform to digital standards meant to ensure accountability. “You have to be accountable like digital,” he heard over and over again.

But then he pointed out that digital is currently rocking with scandals, with reports of up to 40% fraud. At an earlier panel, Tracey Sheppach from Starcom MediaVest had expressed her own feelings on TV’s viewability. She said TV “is all viewable—nothing below the fold, no bots…That’s one of the beauties.”

TV has not, until recently, had some of the detailed analytics available to digital marketers. But at the same time, TV has some standards that digital can’t match. 100% of the ad plays on the full screen. Set top box and device data offers far more concrete information than cookies can hope for. And when a TV commercial runs, you know exactly where and when it was played.

Pizzuro summed it up with his complaint to digital demands that he comply with the anti-fraud measures that digital advertising requires: “I don’t have your problem in the first place.”