Helping Small Advertisers Make a Big Impression

21 November 2013 | Blog

A new study of advertisers discovered that 89% found TV impressions to be more valuable than digital impressions. In a world where digital campaigns seem easier to throw together than TV campaigns, TV continues to be worth the effort, partially because that extra effort really shows. (The greater reach of TV doesn’t hurt, either.) There’s a legitimacy that a well-done TV ad campaign confers that still can’t be rivaled by anything else. That’s not the only finding, however. Nearly half of the ad executives felt that a TV ad helps small businesses compete with national brands.

With the increased levels of automation now available to TV advertisers, it’s easier than ever for small businesses to make a big impact. 95% of the respondents found TV highly effective for small businesses. Automated creative customization lets small businesses produce sophisticated-looking responsive campaigns without requiring the dedicated resources of a production house on call. Programmatic planning makes impression-based ad campaigns possible even for smaller companies without dedicated analytics teams. TV helps small business play in the big leagues; targeted tv advertising can help them hit it out of the park.