Getting Off Skip-free

31 July 2013 | Blog

Looking for a way to keep viewers from skipping your TV ads?

In a recent article “Commercial-Skipping? Slow It Down With Engaging Content”, Wayne Friedman reports on a study by Avid that 66% of viewers are willing to sit through commercials if the creative is sufficiently engaging, even if they have a DVR.

Once again, we have proof that message matters. Advertisers wring their hands over the proliferation of ad-skipping technology, but it’s not ads in general that viewers object to—it’s irrelevant, uninteresting ads. If viewers are offered ads that engage them personally, they are far less likely to skip them. If we keep treating audiences as undifferentiated masses and trying to force them to sit through ads that have little or no relevance to them, they are more likely to tune them out, literally. But if we target them with messages that appeal to them, it doesn’t matter what technology they have—they’re willing to listen.