Gearing Up for the Political Season

30 September 2014 | Blog

Political advertisingAnother political season is upon us, bringing with it political ad money. Spot TV/Cable is predicted to take 82% of the budget. At the same time, 85% of political agencies are planning to use programmatic for their buys this year. How can inventory holders best capitalize on this flood of cash?

Offering tools to effectively target ads plays right into the marketing techniques that have political agencies buzzing. Need more nimble advertising? Offer automated creative versioning. Want to compete with digital? Make better targeting available. Need to prove value? Speed up that reporting. Politicians need to reach very specific audiences and move fast. They’re increasingly tech savvy and data-driven. After the Obama campaign proved the virtues of focusing on very specific audiences, every smart campaigner is looking for more effective ways to get their message across.

Political campaigns are huge users of TV inventory. Offering them better tools to accomplish their goals can only increase the value of that inventory.