Fixing Ad Repetition: Let’s Split the Stream to Heavy and Light TV Viewers

05 November 2013 | Industry Buzz

From AdAge:

by Robert Norcross

Given the sophistication of marketing planning these days, it should be more of a surprise that heavy TV viewers still see many ads far more often than marketers ever desired. Ads shown to heavy TV viewers account for most TV ad impressions, but they yield far less value — or even ad revenue — than the sheer repetition would suggest. But a solution is actually close at hand, offering the potential of major benefits to advertisers, television networks and video service providers.

The third of the audience that watches the most TV accounts for about two-thirds of all ad impressions, and they frequently see ads far more often than advertisers need or want them to. My analysis shows that for a typical ad campaign with an effective reach of 60%, the top third of TV viewers is shown ads at an average rate over three times greater than the advertiser’s targeted ad frequency.


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