Efficiency and Effectiveness: Tech That Drives Success

12 June 2013 | Blog

In a recent article “Cost Per Whatever: Has Ad Tech Crippled Advertising?”, Francine Hardaway ponders the impact of some of the big trends in ad technology. She notes that, used injudiciously, techniques such as increased metrics, Big Data, and programmatic buying can all increase efficiency without actually moving the needle on marketing’s ultimate goals. “If we are efficient in getting the wrong message to the right people,” she notes, “what good does that do?”

It’s an easy enough problem to lose track of, in all the excitement over how much easier and quicker it is to accomplish tasks. Fortunately, it’s not necessary to choose between effectiveness and efficiency. Targeted TV advertising makes it possible to have both. Modern automation does make advertising many tasks faster, requiring less manual labor. But far more important, well planned creative development, efficient production, and solid targeting help get the right message to the right people. Automation is the engine that gets us there faster, but proper message planning and targeting are the GPS and the steering that makes sure we end up where we meant to go.