Demographic Shifts Require Better Targeting

11 July 2013 | Blog

It’s been fairly well reported that America’s demographics are shifting, with multicultural segments outpacing the old white majority. As America’s viewers look increasingly diverse, it’s time for advertising to stop focusing on reaching a single majority.

In a TVBoard article “Local Television in 2018: Evolving with Shifting Audience Demos”, Farshad Family puts the emphasis on local TV stations to step up and use the changing demographics to their advantage. He notes,

Local TV stations are well positioned to take advantage of this growth opportunity. They have strong ties to the local community and advertisers and they can leverage their deep local knowledge to adjust for the unique changes of their market. Changing programming and promotions quickly to meet the needs of an increasingly evolving audience can be accomplished best at a local level where stations are nimble and available audience data is incredibly granular.

This nimbleness is exactly why targeting ads at the local TV level is so effective. National buys are often seen as easier to execute, have lower CPMs, and somehow seem “sexier”. But local TV ad targeting, combined with the ability to readily execute and measure such targeted campaigns, offer a real value that translates to a compelling ROI. And as America’s audiences grow more diverse, local targeting is only going to become more attractive.