Convergent Audience Buys Projected To Supplant Conventional TV Buys

07 November 2013 | Industry Buzz, News Links

From RTBlog:

by Joe Mandese

The burgeoning audience-based TV/video ad marketplace has a name and some scope now thanks to a marketplace analysis conducted by long-time media industry economist,  researcher, consultant and publisher Jack Myers. The analysis, which was passed on to me by Simulmedia Founder Dave Morgan uses a simple name to describe the marketplace, “convergence,” and Myers predicts while audience-buying is a relatively tiny sliver of the $75 billion spent on TV and digital video advertising, it will grow rapidly, especially the programmatic elements of it…

…Simulmedia isn’t the only company using smart data to redefine TV audience-buying. Jon Mandel’s PrecisionMedia  and VisibleWorld’s AudienceXpress are developing similar segmentations. By unlocking the value of previously opaque audience segments, all of these efforts should contribute to the kind of growth Myers is projecting for the marketplace.

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