Audience Buying Insider: “TV Programmatic: More than Real-Time Bidding”

18 July 2014 | Industry Buzz

Joe Abruzzo of Havas had a great breakdown of the advantages of programmatic TV earlier this week on MediaPost.

For TV, the benefits of programmatic will ladder up to: more simplified and effective workflows, improved targeting efficiencies, flexibility in moving/canceling inventory and more timely performance reporting.

In comparison to online display programmatic, the initial expected benefits for TV programmatic will be modest. In comparison to traditional TV buying procedures, TV programmatic will represent a significant step forward.

He continues on to talk about workability, inventory sources, targetability, flexibility, and reporting.

But one quibble–programmatic TV is not “more than real-time bidding”. It doesn’t even necessarily have to involve real-time bidding at all. But the rest–all true!

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