Audience-Based TV Is On The Horizon

18 September 2013 | Industry Buzz

From OnlineSpin:

By Cory Treffiletti

In 10 years, TV will be bought through audiences, not ratings.  It’s an inevitable fact, but one that is only delayed because the infrastructure of TV runs at a snail’s pace.

There are billions of dollars running through TV advertising, but there are billions more to be made if the audience can be segmented and advertisers can pick and choose who sees their ads.  Its not a difficult concept – a TV can become addressable by recognizing the viewer and making a selection in the set-top-box.  The commercials loaded during the national or local pods can be targeted based on who is in the room.  There will still be some “waste” since more than one person is likely to be in the room, but by adding a simple addressable element to TV you could likely see an increase of 10-15% as a premium for pricing and that translates to hundreds of millions, if not billions, of dollars.