Are TV and Web Video Really Colliding?

11 March 2014 | Blog

AdExchanger cartoon

via AdExchanger

This week’s Ad Exchanger comic features a cute cartoon of two trucks, one marked “TV” and one marked “Web Video” careening into each other. It’s a great visual that conveys what a lot of advertisers fear, that somehow TV and web video are competitors whose rivalry will damage any brand caught in the middle. And certainly, with today’s siloed budgets, they seem set up to compete with each other.

But there are a lot of people watching this, and a lot of money invested. It seems far more likely that TV and digital will not so much collide as converge. The fact is, no one really benefits in the long run from video content fighting amongst itself. Instead, what we need to do is to find ways to merge the two, bringing the broad reach of TV and the flexibility and targetability of digital together. As TV and web video become increasingly similar and entangled, there’s no reason to fear a collision and every reason to work towards a smooth blending of the two. Wouldn’t we all prefer to have the above cartoon end with a bigger, faster, more maneuverable truck labeled “Video”?