Another Way to Avoid Wear-Out

13 February 2013 | Blog

In a recent MediaPost VideoInsider article, “How to Avoid Video Commercial Wear-Out,” Neil Perry discusses the dangers of overplaying a spot until viewers become annoyed rather than intrigued by the product. Perry offers a couple of ways to get around commercial wear-out. He suggests having the discipline to not over-air TV spots along with the foresight to plan on using more spots, by either bringing production in-house, or crowd-sourcing video production. While these methods may lower the cost of producing more videos, they present their own set of challenges in doing it effectively.

Another approach to efficiently creating more relevant TV commercials is to use Visible World’s dynamic video customization application. The application enables you to set up creative customization templates that make it easy to automatically generate dozens or more TV ads based on options from a pre-loaded library of video clips, voiceovers, and tags. Not only can multiple TV ads be created quickly and cheaply from the existing creative, but the ads can also be customized on the fly to change offers or tie into timely events.

While most advertisers currently using Visible World’s dynamic video customization application have primarily focused on making it easy to create and change offers and calls-to-action, some have effectively used the application to dramatically broaden their creative repertoire. For example, a major cable operator used dynamic video customization to generate literally dozens of interesting TV commercials based on a simple and entertaining premise of leading with something odd or funny that strikes a chord with a viewer, and following it up with a relevant business message and/or offer. The combination of the varied creative hooks, combined with a relevant set of products and/or offers, made the campaign both more interesting and effective.

Viewers have more options than ever to turn to if they get annoyed with the ads that they’re being shown, so advertisers need to be even more careful than ever not to wear out their welcome. With today’s dynamic video customization technology, there’s no reason for audiences to be reaching for the remote, crying, “No, not this ad again!”