Another MediaPost mention

19 August 2013 | Blog, Industry Buzz, News Links

Visible World got more coverage today, courtesy of Wayne Friedman, in his article “Seeking New TV Advertisers? Look High And Low — Income-Wise, That Is“. It’s a great article about the potential of targeted TV advertising, starting with some new advertisers who are looking for high net worth individuals, but with the possibility of expanding much further. He says,

New programmatic systems — by way of Visible World — for TV could be another way to get new advertisers to enter the TV world, especially those direct-response marketers more familiar with automated systems via the Internet.

We only have one quibble–programmatic buying is more appropriately handled by AudienceXpress, a programmatic buying platform that uses Visible World’s Gateways for delivery nationwide. But we agree with Friedman’s final conclusion that as programmatic buying and targeted TV advertising pick up, “Better still, some of those targeted customers may not all be making $200,000 plus.”