Ad Exchanger: “Cable, Distributor-Caliber Metrics At The Advertiser Level Will Reinvent TV Ad Buys”

05 March 2014 | Blog, Industry Buzz, News Links

AdExchanger ran a great interview with Seth Haberman yesterday, covering topics from the Comcast-Time Warner acquisition to scaling addressability to cross-platform measurement.

On the future of addressability:

What addressability does is provide more precision. It provides the ability of those advertisers to titrate their offers very effectively and make them more relevant and add new models and capabilities to offer up the media – all of that until you reach scale is a very interesting business. For companies like ours, that growth is phenomenal. If you really want to make an advertiser like General Motors, for example, happy, you have to do it on a large scale.

On cross-platform measurement:

Traditionally, the distributors of television sort of had an asymmetric advantage. A lot of the information and metrics they have…advertisers will now have about how successful ads are and how they’re performing cross-platform.

On the future of TV:

I think this is a really exciting time in the television advertising business. There is a lot of innovation going on. There are a lot of people willing to rethink and all of those insights require one fundamental thing – if you don’t treat everything as a large, giant, tectonic plates of audiences, but as smaller audiences, you’re going to be able to create value. The heterogeneity of audiences is the key to value, but those small audiences require new frameworks for how to actually activate those audiences. I liken it to fracking, which some people won’t like, but there’s a lot of oil in the ground, but it’s hard to get out. That requires automation and targeting. And we think we’re building technology to offer to almost everyone in the business.

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