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Fear of Efficiency

25 November 2014 | Blog

One of the promises of both addressability and audience-based targeting is an increase in the efficiency of media. When it’s possible to reach exactly the audience a marketer is looking for, it’s no longer necessary to buy broadly in the hopes that your audience is in there somewhere. This promise has made many inventory holders […]

“I don’t have your problem in the first place”

18 November 2014 | Blog

At the Advanced Advertising event at NYC Television Week this year, Chris Pizzuro from Canoe went on a bit of a rant. He was tired, he said, of being asked to conform to digital standards meant to ensure accountability. “You have to be accountable like digital,” he heard over and over again. But then he […]

Multichannel News: How Big Will Programmatic TV Get? #NYCTVWK”

13 November 2014 | Industry Buzz, News Links

Multichannel News covered this morning’s NYC Television Week panel, “Will Programmatic TV Automate the Future of Advertising?” The future of TV advertising will involve more automated, programmatic models as audiences continue to become more fragmented, but few in the industry  believe that programmatic will completely take over how ads are bought and sold. Visible World CEO Seth […]

Versioning for Voters

04 November 2014 | Blog

Ballots for political advertising

It’s election day! For the last few months, TV inventory holders have had a torrent of political ads flowing through their systems. In the last several cycles, the business has been changing, though. The rise of Big Data and targeted TV advertising has led to political consultants amassing as much data as possible and targeting […]