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Madison Square Garden To Use Addressability

31 October 2014 | Blog, Industry Buzz

In Broadcast & Cable, Madison Square Garden announced their intention to start using addressable advertising through Cablevision’s footprint. Madison Square Garden Co. said it is working with Cablevision Systems to use viewing data from Cablevision set top boxes to provide better audience data and analytics. MSG is also planning a test with Cablevision of addressable […]

Upcoming Events – Fall 2014

28 October 2014 | Blog

We have a busy month ahead of us, with several appearances coming up. Find out where you can learn more about Visible World, programmatic TV platforms, and targeted TV advertising.   Over The Top Video Executive Summit Tuesday, Nov 11 New York 3:00-3:30PM The State of TV/Video Advertising Seth Haberman will be joining a panel […]

Festive Friday

27 October 2014 | Blog

From our Halloween happy hour last Friday: donuts, cider, and a haunted house.

Closing the Loop

21 October 2014 | Blog

Close the loop on attribution

For a long time, marketers were resigned to measuring their impact indirectly. If your ad ran during a show that Nielsen said was watched by 10 million people, well, that’s how many people you assumed saw your ad. If your sales over the next month were 2% higher and you hadn’t done anything else, well, […]