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Summer in Advertising: Hot Topics, Long Days

29 July 2014 | Blog

Pool or Workflow?

The hot topic in advertising is certainly data and what we can do with it: Big Data, programmatic, and the perennial targeting. It’s sexy, it’s exciting, and it’s lots of fun to talk about. But focusing entirely on how ad tech can revolutionize the industry passes over how ad tech can help with the day-to-day […]

Apex CoVantage: “Content, Media Experts Applaud the Rise of Video”

28 July 2014 | Industry Buzz, News Links

A recent whitepaper from Apex CoVantage cites Visible World CEO Seth Haberman as an “industry visionary.” In it, he discusses Visible World’s revolutionary approach to creative customization. Visible World CEO Seth Haberman in 2000 saw more bandwidth coming to the home, with digital cable, and so he set about innovating customized video advertising. He developed […]

Targeting Lessons from the High Line

22 July 2014 | Blog

Audience targeting on the High Line

Near the Visible World offices runs the High Line, an old elevated railway that was converted to a park. It’s a popular spot, and on a sunny day, one that’s consistently full of people. Now, this is New York. And the High Line connects a diverse set of neighborhoods—warehouses, galleries, apartment towers, business districts. So […]

Audience Buying Insider: “TV Programmatic: More than Real-Time Bidding”

18 July 2014 | Industry Buzz

Joe Abruzzo of Havas had a great breakdown of the advantages of programmatic TV earlier this week on MediaPost. For TV, the benefits of programmatic will ladder up to: more simplified and effective workflows, improved targeting efficiencies, flexibility in moving/canceling inventory and more timely performance reporting. In comparison to online display programmatic, the initial expected […]

Does TV Get a Disproportionate Ad Spend?

15 July 2014 | Blog

For a while now, it’s been fashionable in digital circles to complain that TV gets a disproportionate amount of ad spend dollars. TV is overpriced, they claim, and dying as well. Digital is a more efficient way to reach audiences. They shake their heads at the folly of hide-bound marketers stuck in ancient ways of […]