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Effective Advertising with Effective Reach

24 June 2014 | Blog

Randall Beard had an interesting article, “5 Game Changes in Advertising Effectiveness,” on some of the converging changes in marketing today. He weaves together a number of trends, especially focusing on how the increase in available audience data and the speeding up of the marketing cycle are changing the ways that ads are planned, bought, […]

Why Settle for a “Few Weeks in Advance” for Your TV Ad?

17 June 2014 | Blog

There’s been some recent celebration in the TV space over the ability predict audiences “a few weeks” off and to tailor ads and target them to specific audiences “a couple days in advance”. While this is certainly an improvement over TV’s standard operating procedure, we think advertisers deserve better. For years now, Visible World has […]

Frequency: What Makes It Effective?

10 June 2014 | Blog

A recent iMedia Connection article by Andrew Shebbeare had the provocative title “Everything You Know About Frequency Is Wrong”. It’s a pretty strong statement. The article itself talks about digital programmatic advertising’s ability to help control frequency problems. As we all know, a certain amount of frequency is required to build familiarity to the point […]

What Are We Watching Now?

03 June 2014 | Blog

The new Nielsen 2014 State of the Media report, as reported by MediaPost, shows some familiar patterns. Once again, traditional TV viewing dwarfs anything watched on any other platform. Compared with older Nielsen data, the amount of time watching TV in total has even increased since last year.   So the idea that mobile and […]