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Why Are Digital Companies Advertising on TV?

28 May 2014 | Blog

Rosanna Pansino is on TV. So are Michelle Phan and Bethany Mota, some of YouTube’s top content creators, in a series of television ads promoting YouTube. But wait. You thought digital advertising was the future. So why is YouTube, along with Google, Amazon, and the other top internet players, advertising on TV? A recent Bernstein […]

Upfront Upset

20 May 2014 | Blog

There’s been some chatter around this year’s Upfronts about how long the Upfronts will continue to exist in their current form. Will programmatic selling remove the need for the upfront buy? Is the age of the direct sale dead? We don’t think the TV sales staff has anything to worry about. The Upfronts aren’t going […]

MarketingDaily: “Nielsen Says TV Still Leading In Viewership, Ad Spend”

14 May 2014 | Industry Buzz

For more on the current health of the TV ecosystem, MediaPost’s Karl Greenberg has the latest Nielsen report: Just in time for the TV upfront tussle, Nielsen has released the Advertising and Audiences Report. Guess what: people still watch TV. A lot of it. And advertisers haven’t cut back on spending against it. According to […]

MediaPost: “Data Meets TV, And They Get Along”

09 May 2014 | Industry Buzz, News Links

A hat-tip from MediaPost’s new Audience Buying Insider about Visible World’s work in household addressable TV advertising: What has changed? First, TV data. Many TV advertisers have embraced targeting data with the same gusto that digital did back in the mid-2000s. Advertisers can now use demographic data much richer than age/sex for their TV campaigns. […]