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Re/code: “Programmatic Is Eating the (Advertising) World”

31 March 2014 | Blog, Industry Buzz

Rajeev Goel of PubMatic makes a great case on Re/code for why publishers should embrace programmatic. While he’s talking primarily about digital, his points apply just as well to any kind of programmatic selling, including TV. He says, Mistakenly, many people confuse programmatic advertising — the automation of the advertising transaction and/or workflow — with […]

Cable Companies Losing Subscribers? It’s Time for More Powerful Marketing

25 March 2014 | Blog


For all the hand-wringing about cord-cutters, only about 105,000 subscribers jumped ship in 2013. But cable companies seem to have it the worst, with subscribers down by 3% (Pay TV Providers Hold Steady, Cable Continues to Lose Subscribers). While it’s hardly the death of TV some had forecast, it’s obvious that cable providers’ marketing teams […]

Impressions for Premium Audiences?

18 March 2014 | Blog

Pyramid: premium, bundled, non-premium inventory

Most advertising inventory can be broken into two categories: premium and everything else. Premium inventory is valuable, and coveted, because of its context. It can be desirable because of high ratings, it can be desirable because the type of audience watching, it can even be desirable because the surrounding program cast a halo effect on […]

RTM Daily: “AudienceXpress Brings Product Purchasing, Online Behavior Data To TV Audience Targeting”

13 March 2014 | Industry Buzz, News Links

RTM Daily at MediaPost covered AudienceXpress’ deals with data providers Nielsen, Nielsen Catalina, and Neustar. The deal with Nielsen provides access to two consumer purchasing data sets — Nielsen Buyer Insights and Nielsen Catalina Solutions — allowing buyers and sellers using AudienceXpress to segment TV inventory based on how well they index on actual product […]

Are TV and Web Video Really Colliding?

11 March 2014 | Blog

AdExchanger cartoon

This week’s Ad Exchanger comic features a cute cartoon of two trucks, one marked “TV” and one marked “Web Video” careening into each other. It’s a great visual that conveys what a lot of advertisers fear, that somehow TV and web video are competitors whose rivalry will damage any brand caught in the middle. And […]