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re/code: “Expect a Seismic Shift in Video Consumption”

28 February 2014 | Industry Buzz

Mitch Barns, the CEO of Nielsen, had an interesting article on the future of TV consumption. After discussing the convergence of digital TV, he notes: Some frame this in a “TV is dead” metaphor. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We access more content now than ever before: The average American consumes nearly 60 […]

More on Political TV Advertising

25 February 2014 | Blog

MediaPost’s Marketing:politics blog is quickly becoming an incredibly valuable resource for political advertisers. A recent article, “Electoral Math: Your Campaign in Digital”, seems to miss an obvious solution, though. Ray Kingman notes: Traditionally, candidates have used television to increase name recognition, but in every election cycle this seems to be getting harder. Cable TV and […]

AdAge: “The CMO’s Guide to Addressable TV Advertising”

20 February 2014 | Industry Buzz, News Links

AdAge published a great primer on the current state of addressable TV advertising, including a reference to Visible World’s work with Cablevision. Marketers pinpoint their target audiences and create a household profile using data such as income, ethnicity, children in the household and car leases set to expire. They then work with cable operators to […]

TVNewsCheck: “Automated Spot Buying Looming on the Horizon”

19 February 2014 | Industry Buzz, News Links

TVNewsCheck discussed programmatic buying coming to broadcast. It may no longer be a matter of if automated buying and selling services will move into the spot TV realm, but how soon, and to what extent. Even as broadcasters express major reservations about automated buying, at least two companies, IPG and Visible World, say they expect […]

It’s an Impression-Based World

18 February 2014 | Blog

TV advertising has traditionally been organized around units—advertisers buy specific placements, by network and daypart and pod, and their ad runs at that time regardless of who is (and isn’t) watching. Until recently, there wasn’t really much other choice. But it’s becoming increasingly clear that a change is in the air. Digital advertising is organized […]