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Splitting Heavy and Light TV Viewers—The Case for Frequency Capping

26 November 2013 | Blog

In an Ad Age post “Fixing Ad Repetition: Let’s Split the Stream to Heavy and Light TV Viewers”, Robert Norcross brings up the issue of overexposure for heavy TV viewers. He notes: The third of the audience that watches the most TV accounts for about two-thirds of all ad impressions, and they frequently see ads […]

Helping Small Advertisers Make a Big Impression

21 November 2013 | Blog

A new study of advertisers discovered that 89% found TV impressions to be more valuable than digital impressions. In a world where digital campaigns seem easier to throw together than TV campaigns, TV continues to be worth the effort, partially because that extra effort really shows. (The greater reach of TV doesn’t hurt, either.) There’s […]

How Data Is Redefining Political TV Ads

19 November 2013 | Industry Buzz

From Ad Age: by Kate Kaye If 2013 was a harbinger of anything when it comes to political advertising, it’s the year that data infiltrated TV ads on both sides of the aisle. The data-centric approach used in targeting for digital ads is starting to take effect in TV buying, where the majority of political-campaign-ad […]

Targeting Creeping Out Consumers? Not So, Says New Report

14 November 2013 | Industry Buzz

From RTM Daily by Tyler Loechner As the programmatic space revolves around efficient targeting and reaching “the right consumer, at the right time, in the right place,” some recently released data should come as a relief. That’s because the majority of consumers — 70% — say they are comfortable receiving ads and content specifically targeted […]

Claudio Marcus at iMedia Entertainment Summit–Smart TV Program Remind App

14 November 2013 | Blog

The video from Claudio’s presentation with LG at the iMedia Entertainment Summit in September, “Case Study – How Leading TV Networks are Using Smart TVs to Further Engage Viewers”, has recently been posted. He talks about how Visible World’s Smart TV Program Remind App improves program promotions by helping viewers remember to watch shows they […]