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Programmatic vs Workflow: Different Kinds of Automation?

31 October 2013 | Blog

MyersBizNet included a great article last week by Jay Sears called “Six Advertising Automation Trends for Buyers and Sellers” about some of the trends the major trading desks are seeing. He concludes: Automation is transforming the buying and selling of advertising. Ad holding companies, operating agencies, agency trading desk and leading publishers are all being […]

The Latest on the TV Ecosystem

17 October 2013 | Blog

A few new studies have come in to once again calm the perpetual handwringing over cord-cutting. It’s true that Altman Vilandrie & Co. found that “cord-shaving” is up to 26% of consumers who are reducing services (“Cord-Shaving  & Mobile Viewing Rise, Report Says”). And 80% younger than 35 watch at least some TV shows or […]

Seth Haberman on Advanced TV Advertising

15 October 2013 | Blog, Industry Buzz, News Links

In yesterday’s Ad Age: Seth Haberman, the CEO of Visible World, a tech company that works with Cablevision and others to develop these capabilities, said advertisers are already dedicating percentages of their budgets to buys with advanced targeting. He says it’s not a question of “if” but “how much” and “how fast.” “There’s no going […]

Number of Cord-Cutters Steady Year After Year, Study Says

10 October 2013 | Industry Buzz

From Online Video Insider: The debate rages on: Is cord-cutting a major issue or not? Evidence continues to pile up on the not side of the equation. New research from Leichtman Research Group underscores that cord-cutting is not happening en masse, and it’s not driving the growth in over-the-top services, either. Read more:

Are Television and Digital Really Competing?

09 October 2013 | Blog

Recently, Stacey Lynn Schulman of TVB wrote a great article (“Television One Zero”) pointing out how intertwined TV and digital really are. We have a tendency, in the advertising world, to set the two against each other as adversaries. TVB has a vested interest in promoting TV, of course, and she can’t help but point […]