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Breaking Patterns: How Binging Helps Appointment TV

19 September 2013 | Blog

Recently, a number of us were sitting around a conference table, waiting for a meeting to start. Inevitably, the conversation drifted to what folks were watching. One coworker guiltily confessed to having spent the entire weekend binging on a full season of “Scandal”. This opened the floodgates—“Game of Thrones”, “Mad Men”, even older shows like […]

Audience-Based TV Is On The Horizon

18 September 2013 | Industry Buzz

From OnlineSpin: By Cory Treffiletti In 10 years, TV will be bought through audiences, not ratings.  It’s an inevitable fact, but one that is only delayed because the infrastructure of TV runs at a snail’s pace. There are billions of dollars running through TV advertising, but there are billions more to be made if the […]

Earned Media Tops Other Ad Sources, TV Ad Trust Up

17 September 2013 | Industry Buzz

From MediaDailyNews: by Wayne Friedman …Trust in television ads increased to 62% from 56% in 2013. Traditional paid media continues to own the majority share of spend, with TV getting the most, at a 59% share… Read more:

Appetite For Smart TV Grows

17 September 2013 | Industry Buzz

From MediaPost Research Briefs: by Jack Loechner A new U.S. study into the impact of Smart TV advertising and consumer behavior, by YuMe and LG Electronics, to better understand how consumers are engaging with ads within Smart TVs, includes data on the Smart TV audience’s behavioral, lifestyle and psychographic profile. With global Smart TV shipments […]