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Root for the Home Team

28 August 2013 | Blog

We’ve talked about a lot of the different audiences that advertisers are going after, beyond the traditional demographics. Addressable advertising can be used to reach specific income brackets, family situations, and of course the always-cited cat and dog owners. But the Cynopsis Sports Business Summit brought up a new one that we haven’t discussed before: […]

2013 Summer Outing

27 August 2013 | Blog

It’s the end of August, so it’s time to enjoy the last of the fine weather. Last week, Visible World had our annual Summer Outing. Sangria, jalapeno margaritas, and popsicles fit the summery mood, and nestled up under the High Line with mason jar lanterns, we almost felt like hipsters.

People sure are watching a lot of cable

22 August 2013 | Industry Buzz

From Media Life Magazine by Toni Fitzgerald This summer people are watching more ad-supported cable than ever before. A new study from Turner Networks, analyzing data from Nielsen, finds that the average viewer has watched 17.4 hours of cable per week from late May to early August, up from 17 last year and the biggest […]

All Politics is Local

22 August 2013 | Blog

In “Local Television Is A Smart Bet”, Farshad Family discusses the bright future (and increased pace of consolidation) for local network television. Advertising on local television is expected to “grow at 1% to 3% each year”. We’ve discussed before the advantages of targeting at the local tv level in general, where advertisers have access to […]