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Getting Off Skip-free

31 July 2013 | Blog

Looking for a way to keep viewers from skipping your TV ads? In a recent article “Commercial-Skipping? Slow It Down With Engaging Content”, Wayne Friedman reports on a study by Avid that 66% of viewers are willing to sit through commercials if the creative is sufficiently engaging, even if they have a DVR. Once again, […]

Not Just Junk Food

24 July 2013 | Blog

Remember the death of TV content? Back at the turn of the century, a little show called Survivor kicked off a reality TV craze. There had been reality TV before, of course—thank you, MTV—but when it combined with the game show juggernaut Who Wants to be a Millionaire, suddenly everyone was declaring the end of […]

Commercial-Skipping? Slow It Down With Engaging Content

23 July 2013 | Industry Buzz

From MediaDailyNews: by Wayne Friedman TV commercial-skipping? That can be slowed down with the right creative content A new study from digital video/audio technology company Avid says that 66% will “sit through a commercial, despite DVR technology” — if consumers get engaging creative. Read more:

Broadcast TV, Local Cable Ad Spend Up Double Digits

19 July 2013 | Industry Buzz

MediaPost: By Wayne Friedman Broadcast TV advertising spending rocketed up by strong double-digit percentages in the second quarter. Standard Media Index says broadcast TV spending was up 16% in the second three months of 2013, and 10% through the first half of the year. By way of comparison, national cable TV advertising moved up more slowly […]

Video: MVPD Schedule Optimizer

16 July 2013 | Blog

MVPD Schedule Optimizer video

One of our newest offerings is for MVPD marketers. The MVPD Schedule Optimizer makes it easy for MVPDs to make the most of their marketing efforts by allocating the most effective ad inventory to their internal marketing campaigns. In today’s video, learn more.