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Is Modern Marketing More of an Art or a Science?

13 March 2013 | Blog

By Claudio Marcus: EVP, Marketing & Research Reading an article titled “What do you mean by marketing as a science?”, that was recently featured on the Chief Marketing Technologist blog by Scott Brinker, made me wonder how B2C marketers would think of modern marketing. Would they see it as more of a science? Or would […]

The Future of TV

06 March 2013 | Blog, News Links

Yesterday, in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, the best in video marketing, media, and creative came together to hear Visible World’s CEO, Seth Haberman, speak on The Future of TV. iMedia’s Kyle Montero summarized and contextualized a few key-points of Seth’s keynote address. “Audience fragmentation is not a bad thing when consumers are sharing the content […]

Tune-In Campaign Demo Reel

05 March 2013 | Blog

Curious about program promotion? Check out this brand new demo reel our production team put together!     In 2012, Visible World executed more than 7,800 local TV program promotion tune-in campaigns in more than 75 different markets, promoting TV network series, specials, and events. Altogether, these campaigns resulted in more than 430,000 unique TV […]