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The iMedia Video Summit Welcomes CEO Seth Haberman

28 February 2013 | Blog

What happens when we can target, optimize AND achieve reach? What does our world look like when we can do more with our audiences than we ever imagined? What does the latest research on the video narrative form tell us about the potential with consumers? This coming Tuesday, March 5, Seth Haberman, Visible World’s CEO […]

What Big Data Means for Advertisers

25 February 2013 | Blog, Industry Buzz, News Links

Claudio Marcus, Visible World’s own EVP of Marketing & Research, has written an article for MediaPost, discussing the emergence of big data and its potential for marketers and advertisers. “For big data to deliver its potential value to most media, marketing, and advertising companies, it must move beyond interesting insights or predictable business outcomes, toward […]

Targeted TV Advertising as Reality

21 February 2013 | Blog

Blanketing TV ads across the most popular network and time slots, while common practice since the dawn of TV advertising, is inherently inefficient. Unfortunately, until recently, advertisers didn’t have much of an option. As of late, with the advent of targeted TV ads, achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness with TV advertising no longer seems like shooting for […]

Another Way to Avoid Wear-Out

13 February 2013 | Blog

In a recent MediaPost VideoInsider article, “How to Avoid Video Commercial Wear-Out,” Neil Perry discusses the dangers of overplaying a spot until viewers become annoyed rather than intrigued by the product. Perry offers a couple of ways to get around commercial wear-out. He suggests having the discipline to not over-air TV spots along with the […]