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TV Of Tomorrow: The Secrets Revealed

20 December 2012 | Industry Buzz, News Links

TVBoard: As much as I think I can keep track of all new digital innovations, it’s close to impossible now.  There are so many technological advancements that have the potential to upend television as we know it today, as shown by the announcements at last week’s TV of Tomorrow conference. Read more:

Happy holidays!

13 December 2012 | Blog

To express our holiday greetings (and also because we think creative customization is fun), we’ve put together a holiday card that you can customize yourself! Choose your ideal holiday scene–whether the bustling city, the romantic countryside, or even a tropical island–pick some appropriate music, and let us put a card together for you. You can […]

Zone-based Addressability

12 December 2012 | Blog

For a better understanding of how cable zone-based targeted TV advertising works, here’s an example: Transcript:   Visible World offers the ability to deliver different messages down to specific cable zones. Advertisers identify neighborhoods based on custom segmentation strategies, and then deliver the most relevant messages for that audience. Small Business Owners ad: We’ve been […]

Visible World and Cognitive Networks partner for Smart TV Program Remind App™

10 December 2012 | Press Releases

First of a kind Smart TV app offers convenience for viewers while empowering TV programmers with an intelligent, easy-to-implement, cloud-based solution that further enhances TV program promotion NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At today’s TV of Tomorrow conference in New York, Visible World and Cognitive Networks announced a solution that makes it easy for Smart TV viewers to […]