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Creative Customization Demo Reel

23 October 2012 | Blog

Looking for an example of how creative customization can work? Check out our new demo reel:     Make the most of your TV advertising campaign with Visible World’s automated creative customization. Create new TV ad versions in real-time using your own pre-loaded library of spots, templates and content assets. Change an offer tag or […]

Behavioral Personas in the Mainstream

23 October 2012 | Industry Buzz

MediaPost by Bob Fetter In the world of omni-channel offer optimization, we tend to devalue those who tout their demographic-based marketing plans. Why? Because they are based on a system developed before the data-rich consumer world of digitization. And more still because personas are far better indicators of consumer subsets and thus a statistically superior […]

Worlds Collide: Advertising in the Convergence of TV and the Web

11 October 2012 | Blog

As the Internet and TV continue to converge, we’ve begun to see practices leaping between mediums. With Web original series springing up like mushrooms and TV series engaging directly with their audiences through social media, it’s no surprise that TV and online advertising have begun to take cues from each other. It used to be […]

How Tablets Affect TV Viewing

10 October 2012 | Industry Buzz

eMarketer: With tablet ownership on the rise, internet users are turning to the big-small screen for a variety of content activities, not least of which is watching video content. But even if their tablets are the latest device for TV watching, they seem not to make much difference in traditional TV-viewing habits for most owners. […]