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The Digital Advertising Ecosystem

25 September 2012 | Industry Buzz

The IAB has a cool infographic up illustrating how the digital advertising ecosystem works. While the TV advertising ecosystem isn’t exactly the same, there are increasing similarities.

Google is Shutting Down TV Ads

22 September 2012 | Industry Buzz

Business Insider by Bill Wise With Google sunsetting its TV Ads program, it’s worth asking what really made Google pull out of that line of work—so we can get real answers on who, if anyone, might be best positioned to take up the mantle of using technology to finally monetize unsold TV inventory. Read more: […]

Fall Conferences

19 September 2012 | Blog

Last week was super-busy, and next month will be just as interesting. Visible World team members bounced all over the country last week, talking to folks about targeted TV advertising and creative customization. We sponsored a lunch at the iMedia Brand Summit in San Diego, hosted the TVB SSAC meeting here in New York, and […]

TV Ads Lift Online Sales Conversions (Really!)

17 September 2012 | Industry Buzz

MediaPost by Jeff Zwelling: Want to increase your online revenue per click? Try television. I’m not kidding. We just ran a series of tests that show conclusively that television advertising boosts revenue per click for online and offline marketing channels, even social media & affiliates. Overall, the studies revealed a definite positive halo effect of […]