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Web Connected TV Users Prefer Ads Over Fees For Video And Streamed TV

27 August 2012 | Industry Buzz

MediaPost by Jack Loechner: According to YuMe and research firm Frank N. Magid Associates, 30% of all Internet homes have TVs connected to the Internet, and users of those sets are generally receptive to advertisements and ad-supported business models. Read more:

The Importance Of Search In Next-Gen T/V Business Model

16 August 2012 | Industry Buzz

MediaPost by John R. Osborn The “golden age” of television (1950s and 1960s) offered limited offerings (and channels) of high-rated programs easy for viewers to find.  Consumers now have an overwhelming number of choices, and must spend more time identifying their options.  In the 1980s scrolling electronic programming guides (EPGs) appeared on cable systems, and […]

How Publishers Sell Ad Inventory

09 August 2012 | Industry Buzz

iMedia Connection: Ad inventory is typically broken down into four buckets: sponsorships, premium guaranteed, audience targeted, and remnant. Each of these buckets can be sold through a variety of sales channels. Read more:

Will Nielsen’s Cross-Platform Model Lead to Set-Top-Box TV Ad Targeting?

09 August 2012 | Industry Buzz

MediaPost The advertising industry hasn’t quite managed to target TV ads per households through set-top box and Web data as execs from NXP (Philips) Semiconductors envisioned 10 years ago, but Nielsen has built a platform relying on audience segments that combines TV viewing habits and online behavior. Read more:

Nielsen Adds Cross-Platform Ad Metrics

07 August 2012 | Industry Buzz

MediaPost: Looking to bridge online and offline consumer behaviors when it comes to TV viewing, Nielsen has added a new layer to its cross-platform advertising measurements. Read more: