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Reaching the Missing Consumers

20 July 2012 | Blog

In “Study: Many Marketers Missing Key Consumers,” MediaPost reported recently on a study from Catalina Marketing about how CPG brands that relied on traditional demographic-based media plans were missing a major opportunity. As they note, “nearly two-thirds (64%) of the ad exposures delivered by advertisers are reaching households that account for only 2% of sales. […]

Nielsen to Enhance Local Ratings in 20 Markets with Watermarks, Set-top Data

20 July 2012 | Industry Buzz

Multichannel News: Nielsen plans to upgrade local TV ratings starting in 2013 in 20 initial markets using watermark code-readers and set-top box data from operators including DirecTV and Charter Communications. Read more:

Don’t Buy Media – Buy the Buyers

20 July 2012 | Industry Buzz

MediaPost Throw out the media handbook. Throw out everything you know about media. Stop whatever you’re doing right now and do this. Because you shouldn’t really be buying media at all. You should be buying buyers: The customers who are most likely to buy the branded product or service you represent. Read more:

Study: Many Marketers Missing Key Consumers

17 July 2012 | Industry Buzz

MediaPost It’s hard to believe, but in these times awash in data and information, marketers are still reliant on old demographic media buys. And they are passing up some of their most valuable consumers in the process. Read more:

Metrics for the Future of TV Advertising

13 July 2012 | Blog

Weisler Media recently commented on discussions about cross platform metrics, which generated a lot of discussion at the ARF 7.0 Insights Conference. There’s a lot of debate over what kind of metrics the media industry should be heading for. Is advertising ROI a sufficient indicator? Should the Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings simply be combined with […]