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Focus on advertising waste is counterproductive

15 June 2012 | Blog

by Claudio Marcus If you read media industry publications and blogs, it is likely that you have been exposed to ongoing debate as to the future of the TV business. For those interested in some of the details of the point-counterpoint, I suggest Henry Blodgett’s post “Don’t Mean To Be Alarmist, But The TV Business […]

The TV Viewership Fallacy

12 June 2012 | Industry Buzz

MediaPost: Shortly after Henry Blodgett’s post “Don’t Mean To Be Alarmist, But The TV Business May Be Starting To Collapse,” the television industry responded quickly, most notably with Brian Wieser’s response, “Oh, Please, Of Course TV Isn’t Going To Collapse — We’re Watching More All The Time!” Read more:

Tracking Viewers From TV to Computer to Smartphone

11 June 2012 | Industry Buzz

The New York Times A consortium of media owners, advertisers and media agencies says it is pleased with the results of two pilot tests, commissioned more than a year ago, that are intended to help improve and modernize the way video viewership habits are measured — all the better to cash in on those new […]

Dish Chief: TV Needs to Change

07 June 2012 | Industry Buzz

Wall Street Journal Dish Network Corp. Chairman Charlie Ergen said a new ad-skipping feature that has infuriated major broadcast TV networks is a “competitively necessary” response to the explosion of cheap Internet video. That Web video threatens the pay-TV ecosystem, he added, and it is partly caused by the TV networks themselves. Read more:

Reports of TV’s Death Greatly Exaggerated

07 June 2012 | Industry Buzz

TVNewsCheck: One of the most detailed pronouncements on what we characterize as the “death of TV” was published last week on Business Insider, Henry Blodget’s online media/technology-focused publication. The depth of the article certainly aroused more than a little attention among some of the investors and industry contacts we interact with. Read more: