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Visible World in Data Play

21 August 2009 | News Links

AdWeek Visible World, which provides targeted TV advertising capabilities to cable systems and other distributors, has completed licensing agreements with data companies Acxiom, Experian and Nielsen. Read more:

Visible World Aims to Get Addressable Data Right

17 August 2009 | Industry Buzz, News Links

Advertising Age Visible World, one of the most established players in the realm of targeted TV advertising, hopes to make strides against one of addressable advertising’s biggest obstacles: data measurement. Read more:

Acxiom, Experian, and Nielsen Partner with Visible World

17 August 2009 | Press Releases

NEW YORK (August 17, 2009) – Visible World, the leader in targeted television advertising, today announced its partnership with Acxiom, Experian, and Nielsen to enable automated data-driven targeting for television ads through Visible World’s open data exchange standard. Notably, this is the first time that these industry-leading data companies have been brought together to deploy […]

Measuring the Results of an Ad, Right Down to the City Block

05 August 2009 | Industry Buzz

The New York Times The people who buy media have found their jobs more complicated lately, what with all the new ways of measuring response — how many people clicked, clipped a coupon or made a purchase after seeing an ad. Read more: