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The Promise of Personalized Video Ads

18 May 2009 | Industry Buzz

ClickZ The media universe was already on a path to fragmentation before the Web came along. Cable niched television. Magazines grew to cover a tremendous array of interests. The Web has accelerated and intensified this trend, providing an even lower cost way to create and share content globally. The barriers to creation of great content […]

Advanced Advertising Goes Primetime

18 May 2009 | Industry Buzz

Marketing Daily Futurists have long called for the abandonment of the traditional TV upfront in favor of new digital possibilities in buying and selling. But history shows that while stories of auctions and arbitrage exchanges abound every year, so far, none of the digital buying and selling platforms has made many inroads in the TV […]

Big Thoughts: Digital Hollywood’s Impact On The Small Screen

13 May 2009 | Industry Buzz

Video Insider I recently participated in the latest installment of Digital Hollywood in Santa Monica, Calif. Somehow, whether it’s my chic New York sensibility, or lack of style, I always find myself out of sync with the dress code for these events. When I’m looking snappy in my Gimbels corduroy suit and checked flannel shirt, […]

Targeted Ads: The Holy Grail?

04 May 2009 | Industry Buzz

TVWeek The idea of targeted advertising has been held out as the promised land of marketing, a sort of holy place where advertisers can finally talk directly to consumers about their products and services, without mindless chatter. Read more: