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More People Worldwide Watch More Channels on More Devices

28 April 2009 | Industry Buzz

MediaPost According to findings from the Accenture second annual Global Broadcast Consumer Survey, ┬átelevision viewership has grown since last year, with 40% of viewers watching six or more television channels vs. 35% in 2008, and 39% watching eight or more television programs per week vs. 33% last year. Respondents who said they would also enjoy […]

Visible World CEO Seth Haberman on Addressable Advertising

27 April 2009 | Industry Buzz

BlogTalkRadio Visible World CEO, Seth Haberman, is here to speak to InteractiveTV Today’s editor-in-chief, Tracy Swedlow, about important developments in the Addressable Advertising industry. Specifically, discussion covers why it’s such an important topic now; whether trust can exist between the cable industry and the broadcasters through Canoe Ventures; the rise of online auctioning of ad […]

TV Still Occupies Two Thirds of Adult Screen Time

17 April 2009 | Industry Buzz

Media Post The new Video Consumer Mapping (VCM) study for the Council for Research Excellence (CRE) by Ball State University’s Center for Media Design (CMD) finds that younger baby boomers (age 45-54) consume the most video media, and confirms that traditional live television remains the “800-pound gorilla” in the video media arena. The VCM study […]

Staying Power: TV Ads Score High Consumer Impact

16 April 2009 | Industry Buzz

MediaDailyNews Television advertising contributes more than half the impact of all marketing — from initial awareness through purchasing — when consumers are exposed to an overall campaign. Read more: