The Future of TV Looks A Lot Like Digital—But Also A Lot Like Itself

12 August 2014 | Blog

We’ve said before that TV isn’t going anywhere any time soon. But that doesn’t mean it’s not going to change. TV as a medium is evolving faster than ever before. But what will it look like in the future? It’s a good bet that a lot of the advantages offered by digital marketing are going […]

Under Construction: Why is Programmatic TV Behind Digital?

05 August 2014 | Blog

Programmatic advertising in the digital space has surged ahead, while programmatic TV is taking a little longer to catch up. While some advertisers are frustrated at the disparity, it may end up being a good thing. Why is programmatic TV taking longer to go mainstream? The legacy systems of television make the answer obvious. TV […]

Summer in Advertising: Hot Topics, Long Days

29 July 2014 | Blog

The hot topic in advertising is certainly data and what we can do with it: Big Data, programmatic, and the perennial targeting. It’s sexy, it’s exciting, and it’s lots of fun to talk about. But focusing entirely on how ad tech can revolutionize the industry passes over how ad tech can help with the day-to-day […]

Apex CoVantage: “Content, Media Experts Applaud the Rise of Video”

28 July 2014 | Industry Buzz, News Links

A recent whitepaper from Apex CoVantage cites Visible World CEO Seth Haberman as an “industry visionary.” In it, he discusses Visible World’s revolutionary approach to creative customization. Visible World CEO Seth Haberman in 2000 saw more bandwidth coming to the home, with digital cable, and so he set about innovating customized video advertising. He developed […]