Striking Back Against Fragmentation

16 September 2014 | Blog

The fragmentation of the media landscape is obvious. From the growing number of cable networks to the ever diversifying number of platforms online, we have more options than ever before. Which means, of course, that it’s increasingly difficult to reach everyone with a simple buy. Fortunately, we have an array of tools available to help. […]

Will Digital Video Steal TV’s Lunch?

09 September 2014 | Blog

Online video is huge, and getting bigger. The advent of programmatic buying has only made digital video advertising easier than ever to buy and manage, adding fuel to the fire. The growth in programmatic sales has been impressive—estimates of the amount of pre-roll video available for programmatic buying show increases around 14% from Q1 to […]

Summer Outing 2014

02 September 2014 | Blog

Last week, Visible World and AudienceXpress had our annual joint summer outing–this time, a cruise in the harbor!                                                                                                 

A Little Too Much Science Fiction

26 August 2014 | Blog

An Online Spin column yesterday, “TV Buying and Selling In 2020: Science Fiction or Future Science?,” envisioned a world of completely automated TV buying, a mere five years from now. In this vision, marketers buy ad space across screens in bulk, setting ceilings and floors for a given audience and then letting automated exchanges deliver […]