• Targeted TV ads are relevant TV ads.

    Visible World makes video advertising more relevant—and therefore more effective—by making it easy to deliver the right ad to the right audience. Automated, cloud-based systems enable creative versioning that easily aligns with data-driven targeting, campaign management, touchless delivery, next-day reporting, research-based insights, and more.

    Easy. Fast. Smart.

  • Discover what targeted TV advertising can do for you.

    Easy. Go beyond broad audience demographics to match TV ads to targeted consumers using proven, data-driven analytics—and just a few mouse clicks.

    Fast. Visible World’s automated TV ad targeting, traffic, delivery, and reporting let you set up and manage targeted TV ad campaigns in minutes.

    Smart. Using national audience, content aware, or targeting at the DMA, cable zone and even household addressable level makes your TV advertising more relevant—and valuable—than ever before.

  • Optimize your TV ad inventory.

    With Visible World’s Dynamic Yield Management System (DYMS), manage your TV ad inventory more effectively. Make the most of your internal marketing while still meeting your obligations. Sell inventory on an impression-based basis without losing control. The Conductor Video Platform unlocks new value for your TV ad inventory.

  • Make Smart use of Smart TVs.

    Smart TV offers advertisers the ability to get smarter about their TV advertising. Visible World’s Smart TV Program Remind App makes it easy for viewers to set program reminders. More importantly, it gathers timely insights regarding  TV program promotion effectiveness, so program promoters can adjust their TV campaigns for maximum impact.

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Posted Dec 23, 2014


Smart TV Program Remind App

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